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We offer specialized consultations drawing on our collective experience in organizational consulting and clinical work, to help you understand and change dynamics in personal relationships and in the workplace that impede progress.  We work with individuals, couples and small groups, including families and professional groups. We focus on quickly understanding the nature of the underlying problems, to move toward sustainable solutions.  We accomplish this by immediately establishing a communication-promoting environment of mutually-respectful dialogue that facilitates understanding rather than an environment that repeatedly blocks connection.

We follow up by fitting our  proprietary step-wise approach, The DREAM Sequence, to your specific needs, promoting your moving deliberately from Discovery, to interactive Repair, to Empowerment, and then to identifying and choosing better Alternatives, building Mutuality throughout the process, culminating in a true shift in the nature of the way people related, and a change in culture.

We offer options for initial consultation to define the scope of the problem and discuss approaches to help you implement the solutions discussed in initial consultation. We provide ongoing consultation, as recommended, to assess for and address more entrenched dynamics.


Next Steps

We look forward to meeting and working together. We offer a single free 15 minute consultation to help you see if we are a good match for your needs.

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  • Free:   15 minutes telephone or webcam consultation
  • $1200.00:   1.5 hour initial consultation and report with 0.5 hour follow-up
  • $650.00:   1.5 hour initial consultation only, with immediate feedback
  • Follow-up work, determined on a per project basis after initial consultation


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